Sunday, November 13, 2011

December: Helping a Special Dad Give Back to Ronald McDonald House

Two years ago John Pealer and his wife Myrna lost their son struggle with Muscular Dystrophy while at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Since they lived in Winter Garden, and didn't have a car, getting to the hospital to visit Michael was a struggle. Fortunately they were given the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald House on the Arnold Palmer Hospital campus, until Michael peacefully passed away in March of 2009. John has always been grateful for the support that Ronald McDonald house offered his family and has wanted to give back to them somehow. This is where we come in!

On December 17, John will be dressing up as Santa and delivering much needed wish list items to the Ronald McDonald House on the campus of Florida Hospital. We want Santa to have a giant bag of goodies!

We need volunteers together items from the RMH wish list!

You can do this in several ways:
1. Choose an item from the list and contact us at so that we can come pick your item(s) up.

2. Host a playdate with other moms (maybe an outing to McDonald's?). Have everyone bring something from the RMH wish list and contact us at, so we can pick your items up!

3. Host a holiday get together. Instead of buying "gag gifts" have friends bring an item of their choice from the wish list're getting the us for pick up!

4. Tell your friends and family about this event on your Facebook and/or Twitter pages!

5. Drop a donation directly to the Ronald McDonald House on the FL Hospital Campus. Let them know it's for the RCHO event on December 17.

6. Use our letter from RMH to approach local businesses and see if they will donate anything! E-mail us, and we'll get the letter right out to you!

7. Do you own a business? Why not be a drop off location? We would love to talk about your business as a "real charitable business" on our Facebook page!

We are looking forward to an awesome event!

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